your client doesn't need to rent after the divorce...

We can help if your clients new situation leaves them without the $$$ for a down payment. We help clients buy homes with less than $2000 down and this is how...


Our Process

We help our clients buy homes with less than $2000 out of pocket.  

Our Clients need a couple things to get started.

1. Income of $40k

2. Credit score of 640  

Of course it's not that easy but that starts our process. 

  1. Pre-Qualified  - Our lender specializes in Down Payment Assistance Programs and is able to get qualified buyers up to 5% in down payment assistance. 
  2. Find a Home - Our Realtors work with our clients to find the home that works within the parameters of the pre-qual and more importantly , a house our clients can call a home.
  3. Negotiate - Our Realtors represent our clients ( buyers) and so we negotiate on their behalf. In doing so we negotiate for (the seller) to pay up to 3% in closing costs.  The buyer will pay $500 -$1000 towards the earnest deposit that get paid directly to the title company.
  4. Inspection -  We have 10 days from the time the contract is signed by both parties to have an inspection completed and a BINSR sent to the seller. The buyer is responsible for hiring the home inspector and in doing so pays them directly. This fee is normally around $500 depending on the home. This process ends after both parties agree on the BINSR. 
  5. Appraisal - The lender will order the appraisal. The buyer will pay the Appraiser directly. This fee is normally around $500 depending on the home. 

As you can see our Realtors represent the buyer during the purchase of the home and  do not require any money from the buyer. The seller pays our Realtors commission as negotiated with their Realtor in the listing agreement. 

The Down Payment Assistance Program will cover the initial down payment. 

The 3% in sellers concessions we negotiate at the time of contract in normally enough to cover all the closing costs our buyer would need to pay at closing.  Some of our clients will even get the Earnest Money Deposit back if the sellers concessions have a credit but not always. 

Amounts are approximate based on past transactions

Earnest Deposit       $500 - $1000 

Home Inspection             $500

Appraisal                              $500


                                       $1500 - $2000 out of pocket

Contact Us

My Name is Hud Rhodes and I started to help buyers who don't have the down payment but have the income and credit to buy a home. You can reach me directly @ 480-717-2346 with any questions. I look forward to helping your clients with the next step  after the Divorce is final. 

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